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Citizens Against Citizens Against Stuff
"We have all the right parts in all the right places --
or we can get them."

QOTM: "I knew from bitter experience that the central heating system control panel was no more or less complicated than the average intercontinental missile defence shield. It took me fifteen minutes just to remember how to open the casing that housed it. As usual, I studied the baffling array of buttons, dials and switches, hoping some part of their function might be intuitively obvious. As usual, I got no joy. Clearly it would require at least three highly trained and motivated personnel working in perfect synchronicity just to turn the damned thing on. Isolating and activating the radiator in my bedroom could easily be accomplished by a small consortium of theoretical physicists, so long as they were on their sabbatical year and didn't plan on going out much."
— Rob Grant, "Incompetnce"

Because they're there.

Grand tales of love and suffering, with the usual bits of moose harpsichord solos thrown in to thicken the plot.

Comedy, tragedy, electric cattle prod mayhem.

Eclectricity, baby, yeah.

Have you ever wondered, well, why? You too, can become privy to the CACAS secrets - or is that secret to the CACAS privy?

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